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Frequently Asked Questions

CE Organizer General Questions

I am missing certificates I previously created, where are they?
It is possible you have more than one account setup in CE Organizer. This issue can only be solved by our system administrators. Please email with your full name and any additional email addresses you may have used. If you have had a name change, please include that info in your email as well.
I am an ASCLS member and I can sign in to the ASCLS Website ( and/or the ASCLS Connect online community, but not CE Organizer even though I have tried to reset my password.
The system is having trouble matching you in the database. A system administrator can resolve this issue. Please email with your full name and any additional email addresses you may have used.
If am not an ASCLS member, what happens to the certificates I create in CE Organizer?
Your certificates will be stored in CE Organizer. This feature allows you to view them at a later time. Certificate data will not be transferred to the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) for nonmembers. Become a member of ASCLS at to utilize this benefit.
Why can't I create a transcript in CE Organizer any longer?
We have discontinued that feature as it previously functioned. To replace the transcript feature, we have developed a new enhanced feature that allows ASCLS members to "Create a Certificate" in CE Organizer for P.A.C.E. events that are not already in CE Organizer. This data will also be transferred to the ASCP Board of Certification. Become a member of ASCLS at to utilize this new feature.

BOC Data Transfer

Will my credits transfer to the ASCP Board of Certification?
In order for your credits to transfer to the BOC, you must be an active ASCLS member at the time you created the certificate and have your correct ASCP customer ID on file.
Will this transfer occur immediately?
The data transfer occurs once a week on Saturday morning.
How do I add my ASCP number to CE Organizer?
Once you sign in to CE Organizer, go to the "Account" section to update your ASCP Customer ID or State License number.

Note: Members can only make changes to their contact information by signing into the ASCLS Website ( and that information will carry over to CE Organizer.
Where can I find my ASCP number?
Log in to and locate the "My Profile" section. Your customer ID is 8 digits long.
How will I know my credits have transferred?
Log in to and locate the "My Education" section. Click on the "Certifictes & Transcripts" section to view completed activities.

Note: this section of the webpage is set to autofilter to your current CMP cycle. To view all activities, you must change your date filter by checking the show all transcrpts box.

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